Colección: TEMAS

Temas Cantidad
Beliefs; Mental Illness; University students; Egypt1
Cortisol; athletes; intelligence test; sport1
Emotional intelligence; Work performance1
Islamic worldview; religious personality; resilience; adolescent1
Juror decision-making; biases; psychopathy; gender; age1
Marital Justice Scale (MJS); validity; reliability1
No aplica12
Perfectionism; psychological well-being; psychological distress; psychological health; depression; anxiety; stress1
alexithymia; emotion regulation difficulties; emotion regulation; mental health1
body image; culture; ethnicity; women; body ideals; body dissatisfaction; dieting behaviour1
cluster headache; anxiety; depression; pain locus of control; coping strategies1
emotional intelligence; teacher effectiveness; faculty members; private medical and engineering colleges1
extended video viewing; emotional intelligence; preadolescents; adaptability; assertiveness1
family-of-origin; romantic attachment; marital adjustment; gender; invariance1
flashbulb memories; emotional events; importance/consequentiality; religious affiliation1
intention to remain; older worker; health; work ability; professional competences; psychosocial work conditions1
memory accuracy; factual retelling; emotional retelling; eyewitness testimony1
mental health; schizophrenia; psychotic disorders; ethnic minority; high-risk; individual differences; perceived discrimination1
nature; emotion regulation; self-regulation; environment; mood; person-environment studies1
preventive diplomacy; globalism and Europeanism; „condense-items”; exteriorized projection1
prosocial behavior; cross-cultural studies; volunteerism; attitudes; organizational commitment1
subjective illness beliefs; migration; Turkish patients; culture; illness coping strategies1
traumatic event; crisis; LIWC; affective; emotion; cognition; word use1
values orientation; corporate social responsibility; honesty; business ethic1
zinc; intellectual development; personality features; children (11-15 years); different socioeconomic conditions1