Título: New algorithms for a java decompiler and their implementation in Soot
Autores: Miecznikowski, Jerome
Fecha: 2003
Publicador: McGill University - MCGILL
Tipo: Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
Tema: Computer Science.
Descripción: This thesis presents Dava, a Java bytecode to Java source code decompiler built on top of the Soot framework.
The Java Virtual Machine Specification of valid bytecode is much less restrictive than the Java Language Specification of valid Java source programs. For example, bytecode has unstructured control flow, loose local typing, and few restrictions on method modifiers. By contrast, the Java language has highly structured control flow, strong local typing, and many restrictions on its method modifiers. The goal of this thesis was to build a tool that could correctly decompile the widest range of verifiable Java bytecode back into compilable Java source. This includes bytecode coming from other source languages, bytecode that has undergone certain types of obfuscation, and optimized bytecode. To accomplish this goal we created the Structure Encapsulation Tree data structure and a set of new decompiling algorithms.
The algorithms fall into three categories: regular control flow, exceptional control flow, and idioms.
Idioma: en