Título: Knowledge Management Strategies to Support Operational Security Requirements of Transmission System Operators of Electricity: the case of MAVIR
Autores: Bertalan, Zsolt
Csedo, Zoltan
Tamus, Adam
Fecha: 2013-10-31
Publicador: Information and knowledge management
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Peer-reviewed Article
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Descripción: The Operational Security Network Code will provide the basis on European Union level for the power system to function with a satisfactory level of security and quality of supply, as well as efficient utilization of infrastructure and resources. It requires each TSO to launch knowledge sharing and knowledge management initiatives with emphasis on Transmission System elements, the operation of the Transmission System, use of the on-the-job systems and processes, as well as inter-TSO operations and market arrangements   In order to analyse the organizational context for successful knowledge management strategies, we completed both quantitative and qualitative research at MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company. We undertook a knowledge management survey among 580 employees, and performed 15 semi-structure interviews with senior management.   Based on our research findings, knowledge management strategies to support operational security requirements of TSOs should focus on: Knowledge-sharing technology development, that is able to integrate within one single platform all knowledge management needs, supported by an intelligent search engine.Knowledge content development, focused on informal/tacit knowledge, as well as knowledge gaps. Companywide involvement of senior experts and knowledge worker is essential within the content development projects.Transparent knowledge management processes and well-defined roles and responsibilities within the knowledge creation, sharing and application.Cultural change / change management project to support the whole organization in realizing its knowledge management strategy. Individual incentives should also be included to encourage active involvement within knowledge sharing. Keywords Knowledge management, knowledge sharing, strategy, TSO, operational security, network code, MAVIR
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